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Although a lengthy process, as we can call it, but still will save you much time in the long run. Aspiring members will have to answer a series of short questions. These questions are used to evaluate your personality traits. They even offer the “It’s FREE to look” feature when you are trying to opt for the service so that you can see prospective singles matches in your area.

You get a single profile & your profile is preceded by a Headline, which can be any catchy phrase that you want, or it could be something that you want to say about yourself in short, sweet words. They also allow you to upload your picture & hence provide you with a way to look forward to more prospective singles who decide to communicate with you based on your physical appearance and would know fore-front who they are going to deal with.


Registration is free & you can even view the singles who you think is/are right for you. But here’s the catch. Once you decide that you are ready to communicate with someone, you can’t do that as long as you are a free member. You can view your prospective matches but there is no way to communicate unless you opt for a membership. offers you the ability to choose how long you want to be registered as a member. In short, the advantages of being a registered paid member surpass the advantages of being a free member.
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Canceling your account is easy. You have the option to cancel, which you can access from your account within the website. You just have to follow a few steps/instructions & you are out of the membership. The coolest thing about even while canceling your membership is that you get to access your account until the last day of subscription, unlike other websites, where you can’t access your account anymore, once you cancel your membership. gives you the worth of your money.


This website is famous all over the world for its huge list of single members & its services for dating singles. Millions of people are members of & they are all from different parts of the world. In short, is a community where singles across various nations, languages & cultures seek prospective matches.

You can search for singles based on your preferred criteria. The coolest thing about this is that when you visit someone’s profile, that person gets to know that you have visited their profile & they can opt to send you a message. They can send you a wink, browse your profile, or even send you an email depending upon what they decide when they look at your profile.

Most of the time, you would receive a bi-weekly newsletter from exposing you to your new prospective matches via email. Usually, the matches sent to you, are more likely based on your selection criteria, but we cannot deny the fact that you sometimes tend to receive matches that are less relevant to the preferences of your match.

An excellent & necessary feature that provides is that members receive an email from the website itself indicating that another member or a prospective match has contacted them & this will be an indication to the member to login into his/her account, check for the messages & reply back. This keeps you updated on the communication process & takes the burden of checking the account on-site every day, off your shoulders.
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Even though strives to protect its members by not allowing them to post personal or contact information, there is a breach in this security feature. Members can still send personal information in emails using the site itself. This is where the security system gets hit, as members can add false information, including their contact information & ask the member to contact them off-site. This process makes it less secure & we believe that could improve upon this.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: provides an excellent customer service. They send out newsletters periodically to keep their members updated on the happenings & send out information to notify them of new matches & prospective singles. Their newsletters may also include tips & tricks to meet your prospective partners & dating advice.


Overall, we would be willing to rate 4/5 for this website. provides an excellent service to all those people who are seeking single partners in a short time. It is very famous all over the world & the number of registered users on-site keeps increasing every day. A very good option to find a match, fast at!

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