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eHarmony Review is one of the most sophisticated sites in that it takes all the work out of finding that special someone. Once users complete a comprehensive personality test. eHarmony Review finds singles for you based on compatibility. Accounting for 4 percent of U.S. marriages, the site’s compatibility-based matching system and serious user base are ideal for those seeking a lifelong partner. An average of 542 members marry every day in the U.S. as a result of being matched on eHarmony.

Welcome to one of the most in-depth Dating Services on the Internet. eHarmony Dating Site Review is based upon a complex matching system developed through extensive testing of married individuals (the system was granted a US Patent).

One of the requirements for it to work successfully is for participants to take their time and fill in an in-depth and rigorously defined profile. Every match is screened for compatibility with you. So you don’t have to search through endless profiles. Definitely for people who are looking for a serious relationship.

eHarmony Dating Site Review has well over 16 million registered members. And have between 10,000 and 15,000 new member signups every day. On average 90 people who met via eHarmony get married every day. This shows that eHarmony can be an important dating tool for single men and women dedicated to finding love.

EASE OF USE4.6/5.0

Data Breakdown

User Base

All Straight Singles*
eHarmony’s dating service is designed exclusively for heterosexual singles ages 18 and older.

Popularity (Visits/Mo)

4.1 Million*
eHarmony’s popularity is easy to see given its national advertising campaigns and 4.1 million monthly visitors.

Gender Ratio

The site’s gender ratio is comparable to’s, with 48 percent males and 52 percent females.

Overall Rating


eHarmony Dating Site Review Features

Match System

  1. The personality assessment and the “Something to Talk About” feature give you plenty of room to talk about yourself and your ideal partner.
  2. A more structured portion of the matching system includes Guided Communication, a four-step process where users complete the “About Me,” “10 Must Haves” and “10 Can’t Stands” sections, and then send icebreaker questions and messages to potential matches.

Other Features

  1. Active user forums
  2. Suggested conversation starters
  3. A large section for dating advice
  4. Gift memberships for friends and family


Join for 12 Months
$19.95/mo »
Join for 6 Months
$29.90/mo »
Join for 3 Months
$29.95/mo »

Ease of Use

While eHarmony review doesn’t provide matching search options for its users, the site’s layout is simple and easy to maneuver, with clearly labeled sections to help you move from one page to the next. Registration does take about an hour to complete. But it’s well worth it because Dating Site eHarmony processes your information quickly in order to provide you with the best match suggestions. The site also offers lots of additional information on dating, navigating the site, and utilizing every feature.

eHarmony offers both phone and email customer support.

Pros and Cons

Pros of eHarmony

  1. Large user base
  2. Optimum privacy with secure dating options
  3. Reliable compatibility matching
  4. Suggested matches help users comb through millions of options

Cons of eHarmony

  1. Limited free communication
  2. Timely process to complete a profile
  3. Cannot search for your own matches
  4. Not for singles looking for casual dates
  5. Membership packages are more costly

Positive aspects

A very detailed matching model is based on 29 key dimensions that predict relationship success as well as examines 10 areas vital to your happiness and a fulfilling marriage. For men who are serious about a relationship, eHarmony is one of the few sites that have a fair number more women than men.
No more endless searching. You are shown just the members that match your profile.


  • Best for finding long-term relationships
  • Geared towards people who are ready to settle down
  • Comprehensive matchmaking questionnaire
  • Higher priced than other sites, but still a very good value
  • 45 day money back guarantee

Demographics and Membership Base

eHarmony is one of the largest and most popular dating sites in the US, behind, with approximately 20 Million registered members. Though it’s smaller in terms of the number of members. Its niche is finding dates for people looking for serious relationships and long-term partners. To that point.

A recent Harris poll revealed that eHarmony is responsible for creating 542 marriages every day, or 5% of all US marriages. If you are in Massachusetts, Colorado, or California you have even better odds of finding a date.

As eHarmony has the greatest level of penetration into those cities versus other online dating sites. Of all the matchmaking sites with complicated features. It has the most unique and comprehensive system for connecting the most compatible people and requires its members to answer an array of questions. Sometimes very deep ones, before being able to use the site.

The membership profile of eHarmony review is one of the more unique ones out of all the dating sites. Approximately 60% of its members are female, tilting the odds in favor of the guys for finding a perfect date. Many of eHarmony’s online dating site members are also wealthier than the average person.

With nearly half of all members making over $60,000 per year. So if financial stability is a priority for you. That may be one thing to heavily consider. 80% of the members are white, which is slightly higher than other major dating websites. While 7% are Hispanic and 9% are black.

Its users are certainly committed to finding love though, and 57% of its members log in at least once a month to check their profile, with 8% logging in every day. Because its members are so active. We can conclude they are very interested in actually finding a great match. Therefore making it easier to go out on dates and eventually find love.

Features and Matchmaking

The most unique feature of eHarmony is its extremely complex system which they use to match people. Unlike pretty much every other dating website there is no search feature where you can browse profiles. The algorithmic matching system analyzes each user’s personality traits, interests, and background to narrow down the pool of potential love interests.

eHarmony review uses a scientifically proven method of finding the most highly compatible people, based on a lengthy and complex questionnaire the user must fill out upon signing up to the site. The catch is that the process is very involved and time-consuming, requiring the user to answer 258 questions designed specifically to assess 29 factors regarding who you are most likely to pair well with.

*Process of signing up

The people who make it through the arduous process of signing up are certainly showing a level of commitment and interest in finding a serious relationship. So the membership base automatically filters out the casual daters or people just looking for a fling. After completing the survey, members are given access to the results of the personality tests the value of which stands on its own when you can assess your personality traits in such depth as the survey does.

A popular complaint of people who use eHarmony is that there are no matches. And without a search or browse feature you can’t see who is using the site. This is certainly true, and at the beginning of the signup process, there are virtually zero matches shown. Until you complete your profile by filling in your demographics, finishing the questionnaire, and letting eHarmony’s complex matching algorithm do what it does best. Shortly after that, you will begin seeing e-mails show up with people that eHarmony thinks would be great matches for you.


eHarmony is unrivaled in its ability to match people who are interested in long-term, committed, loving relationships.

Though its price is somewhat higher than other online dating sites, the cost is less than a dinner for two, so if you are committed to finding love it is most definitely a great value for what it offers.

Free Membership & Included

  • Yes (7 Days)
  • Create a Personality Profile
  • The Profile is very detailed (over 400 questions) and we have only summarized the main topics of the profile.
  • My Name and Relationship Type
  • Self Descriptions (Rating of personality types like Modest and Lazy)
  • Personal Characteristics (Rating of items describing you like “I enjoy a good joke”, and “I tend to either like someone a lot or dislike him a lot”)
  • About Your Feelings (Rating of feelings like Happy, Tired, Hopeful)
  • Import Qualities (Rating of importance of partner’s qualities)
  • Personal Beliefs
  • About Your Personality (True and False questions)
  • Your Personal Interests (Rating of Interests like Biking and Astrology)
  • Living Skills
  • Communication Style
  • Most and Least Like You
  • Family Relationships (Rating of Characteristics in Relationships within your Family)
  • General Information (On School, Kids, Income, Career, ethnicity, etc)
  • Searching or prospective mate.

Not included

  • Communicating with Members


  • Slightly more than other Dating Sites, but offers a much more in-depth compatibility match.
  • Risk-free 7-day trial.
  • Membership fees were last check on November 30, 2007. Always check with the dating site for the most recent pricing.
  • Costs in US dollars:
  • 1 month for $59.95.
  • 3 months for $36.95 a month. A 38% savings.
  • 6 months for $28.95 a month. A 52% savings.
  • 12 months for $20.95 a month. Best Value, save 65% off of the monthly rate.
  • eHarmony all subscription plans are billed in one installment.

Relationship Types

  • Heterosexual


  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • International (Over 200 Countries have members).

Viewing & Communication Tools

  • Photo’s
  • Profile
  • Matching Model
  • Eliminates 99.7% of people who are not right for you
  • Provides matches that are truly compatible based on the 29 key dimensions that predict relationship success.

Search By

  • Matching Model (See above point).
  • Match Settings
  • Can be modified to change your Match results.
  • Some of the settings that can be changed include distance, ethnicity, religion, smoking, drinking, and children.

Items of Note

  • Can only view Members that fall with in the Matching Model (no random searching).
  • Heterosexuals only.
  • There is no way to tell if a match can communicate with you or not (meaning if the person is a subscriber).
  • You can’t tell how long a match has been a member.

The Bottom Line

eHarmony is a very popular and effective site that is ideal for singles looking for long-term relationships. The matching system is very unique and thorough, which helps narrow down the dating pool. Plus, the useful features make it easy for members to navigate the site and its thousands of profiles. Filling out the questionnaire does take a considerable amount of time, but eHarmony has a high success rate. And while the cost is on the higher end. eHarmony review’s abundance of features can be worth it for some individuals.

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