15 Powerful Health care plans That Can Simplify Your Life

1. At night go to the toilet with one eye closed.

A study by united healthcare medicare says: Going to the toilet in the middle of the night after well having fallen asleep can sometimes wreak havoc on your sleep. This is because after waking up when you switch on the lights to go to the toilet the sudden bright light makes the brain to assume that it is morning time, and that switches off your sleep. Therefore by keeping just one eye open you are minimizing the amount of light that enters your retina and signals your brain. After you are done with your toilet business, you will be able to fall asleep very fast.

2. Pulling on your ears can have a range of health benefits.

A study by ohca says: Pulling on your ears has health benefits. Reflexology tells us that there are pressure points all across our ears that can help to alleviate many health problems, from easing a headache to improving your digestion. You can ease minor pains by pressing and pulling the following points on your ears that correspond to different areas of the body:

1. Back and shoulders

2. Various organs

3. Joints

4. Nasal sinuses and throat

5. Digestion

6. Head and heart

3. Roll your head to ease limb pain.

bupa healthcare says: Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling that “pins and needles” sensation in our arms is something many of us have experienced. This is because sometimes while sleeping, we roll over and inadvertently sleep on our arms or our hands, which causes an obstruction to the normal blood flow and leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen being received by that body part. To relieve this pain, rather than trying to shake your arms or “wake them up,” try moving your head from side to side this is one of the health care plans. This should help decrease the pain because nerves in the neck go straight down from your head to your arms.

4. Don’t brush your teeth after eating.

Brushing right after eating a meal might seem like the best way to flush all the debris out of your mouth, but it’s not. This is because many of the food items that we eat or drink are acidic (think tomatoes, lemons, orange juice, etc.). Brushing right afterward can speed-up the acid’s effect on your enamel and cause it to erode. Wait for about 30 minutes after your meal before using your toothbrush


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