[ATTENTION] 10 Secrets That No One knows About Area 51

Number 10: The CIA did not acknowledge it was Ariel place until 2013.

that’s right the government’s worst kept secret was only confirmed to be real following the declassification of a document, which was released as part of a Freedom of Information request, now the CIA doesn’t mention aliens instead, they say the area 51 was formerly the base for testing US government u-2 spy planes and the oxcart and it was using the forties a world war two training camp.

Number 9: Tunnel systems.

It has been proven in recent years that area 51 ice impossible to viewer access even if you work for the higher ups and government, unless you are directly involved in area 51 happenings you are just as blind as the rest of the world to further how blind we are to what is going on in that base many sources claim that what we have seen On aria 51 is only the very beginning of the intricate design made to hide everything they are said to be hundreds of underground town networks that link certain areas of the place together these networks allow for quicker access though different locations as well as a better way to move certain things that may need extra hiding from radar possible peeping I see tunnel networks are another great example of the important work being done on the base some people even claimed that they know of maintenance workers that work at the edwards air force base in california he said there’s a huge tunnel system connecting edwards roswell in area 51 many question why underground tunnels are necessary to hide aircraft on the base that is already entirely invisible to radar it is more likely that the tunnel systems are in place no satellites that Google Earth that allows surface view of the base and connecting locations across America is more likely in place to move aircraft without yosi overhead that is it the systems are true however adding dark underground tunnels to rumors of aliens doesn’t feel right.

Number 8: Toxic waste.

there have been reports that in the 70s and 80s and even more recent years the US military has taken advantage of worker confidentiality agreements to use area 51 as a secret dumping and burning ground for toxic waste of all sorts as the number of toxic chemical-related debts increasing at area 51 the windows of workers suit producing evidence that the military had regularly filled trenches with hazardous waste and set it on fire at the and off these court cases there was no action taken against area 51 military to hold the dumping of this waste this case also brought to light that area 51 is apparently legally exempt from any laws in place to protect environment from harm.

Number 7: Skylab photo.

something that has been under controversy since the 70s is a document from April 1974 the document is a photo taken by Skylab astronauts of area 51 there’s actually a two-page document marked top secret that focuses on their related merits of retaining blank as a high-priority secret national security installation versus the merits of NASA belief that there would be a domestic and foreign problems created by the withholding the photograph in Lehman s terms the document discusses in debates whether or not the photo should ever bear lease to the public the reason that the topic is so controversial innovated is because  when photo was taken there were clear instructions to not allow any photos to be taken to area 51 from the space station this was the only location on earth that has such a bad.

Number 6: Get back in your car.

a huge portion of the many signs outside the bay state to knock it out of your car for any reason if you decide to violate warnings you may be dealt with deadly force there have been rare stories of people actually somehow entering the base without even meaning to it’s very unlikely considering the strong security however the thought of stumbling upon a secret government base by accident is unsettling stories also report that if you come across the air 51 and triode Oh jet out after your card heavily armed guards will immediately tell you at gunpoint and forced back into your car one unidentified witness even claims that they were blindfolded by a guard well another drove the car away from the site and left them there with no idea where they were and no idea how to get back onto the main road.

Number 5: Listening devices.

aside from giant guns and blindfolds another measure taken by area 51 special security team is that they have motion sensors listening devices and cameras up to 50 miles all around the base even in the wooded areas where the miles of desert there can supposedly be cameras found well this is clearly they keep an eye on people trying to find alternative ways in UFO enthusiasts theorized that the cameras are in place to keep an eye out for alien activity furthermore it’s rumored that they listening devices are in place to try to obtain audio of signal sent by the alien’s home planet the equipment is apparently even capable of sensing the motion of a butterfly wing.

Number 4: UFOs and aliens.

area 51 is possibly the most known for its supposed extraterrestrial activities over the decades there have been rumored sightings of ufos flying over or near area 51 bob lazar is a man who has been in the news more times than not he claims to have been a scientist and engineer for area 51 is similar basis most particular he claims to work to the base known as s4 where he apparently worked on nuclear equipment and on a special project with a space probe which created its own gravitational pull and can pull the fabric of space and time toward it labs are also claims that he was given short lessons describing the historical involvement by extraterrestrial beings with this planet for the past 10,000 years the beings allegedly originated from the first and second planets with anniston star system and are referred to as praise however according to laser these beings were also referred to as the kids within the program or as courts among the personnel he also claims to have seen footage of these creatures being held captive and interviewed by trained personnel and even tortured in some cases the ca has since admitted to having ufos on base that they studied to identify and use in practice for hiding aircraft from radar while UFO is nothing more then identified are unfamiliar aircraft this does not help to prove lasers claims after laser came for his background was checked to prove his claim educational background however it turned out he was lying about his degrees and where he attended it would be very easy for the government to cover up someone’s educational backgrounds and records if they needed Toit and number 39 s uncertain whether Lazar and number 39 s claims will ever be verified true or false.

Number 3: Area 51 is taken.

public land area 51 access is extremely limited and very closely monitored the base located about 81 miles north of Las Vegas and its activities are highly classified everything from guards with guns to cameras and sensors may accessing the site pretty impossible closest observation point is that to be competed out 26 miles from the base you will, however, have to climb the mountain and how strong binoculars to even have a chance of seeing anything the Air Force is actually taken lands from public used to keep the base hidden from view for many years sides peak or freedom region could have been used to jet a pretty exciting view of the base however these areas were seized and even to be coo peak is said to be well on its way of being overtaken the government has gone to extreme measures to make sure no one can see what and number 39 s going on inside area 51 if it’s nothing but air f’s and paperwork why go through all of the trips from getting a peek at some runway lights

Number 2: Employee soft area 51 need to sign an oath of silence.

it’s been confirmed from a multitude of sources the employees of area 51 swear an oath of silence on top of that people need to sign an agreement aab Sakura see when they visit the site.

Number 1: MJ-12.

aside from all the alien conspiracy surrounding area 51 there’s another commonly discussed an equally terrifying theory out there of a shadowy organization known as MJ-12 established in 1947 sometimes called majestic or magic 12 this group is said to be focused on bringing about a new world order and the meetings apparently occurred on the area 51 base during the beginning of this controversy originally the group was rumored to include a dozen very powerful people like President Truman who was also said to have been the leader heads of the CIA rich in evil . businessmen and even celebrities documents reported to be from this group of surface including papers that allegedly held presidential signatures on plans for plagues and other attempts to lower the population as well as other plans involving alien spacecraft after much of this controversy is hype had died down in 1996 a document called at MJ-12 special operations manual circulated and cause more controversy most of the documents related to the shadow organization have said to be proven fake by government officials however that doesn’t really matter when  you consider that if the society is real there are presidents involved why would government agencies or officials ever out a secret society made of other officials .

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