Parents Are Now Throwing Cheese In Their Baby’s Face For Laughs

What happens if you throw a slice of cheese at a baby’s face?

Some laugh and shake it off. Others grimace, stumble around blindly, recoil like they’ve been hit by a truck, flail their arms, or stare reproachfully at the cheese-thrower. Some eat the cheese. Generally, all look confused.

We know this thanks to a week-old viral phenomenon called the “cheese challenge,” in which people toss shiny slices of processed cheese at unsuspecting infants and share their reactions on social media. Depending on whom you ask, it’s either extremely hilarious or proof that the Internet should never have been invented.

According to Eater, the craze started with Charles Amara, a dad living in Michigan. Last Tuesday, he posted a short video on his Facebook page, captioning it “Attack of the cheese Episode 2” and adding, “He wasn’t happy after this one….

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