This is why kissing your baby on the lips could be fatal – triggering herpes and meningitis

This is 5 the Risks of Kissing a Newborn:

1.Kissing Disease

Kissing Disease is a nickname given to the term ‘mononucleosis’, an infection which is passed through saliva, often through kissing. Although it is highly known to occur among teenagers and adults, it can affect infants too. In infants and children, the condition results in a runny nose or cranky behavior and may also lead to respiratory problems in rare cases. It is a viral disease and does not have any treatment. The child has to bear through the illness until his immune system helps to get rid of the infection on its own. Besides, it’s contagious and can pass on to other kids and adults very easily.

2.Food Allergies

Many kids and adults face allergies resulting from some of the other food. Although you let the guests know about specific food allergy your baby might be having, they may not understand the importance of keeping the baby safe from such food. Even when it comes to makeup products, people may be unaware of gluten present in their lipstick. Gluten can lead to an autoimmune response in the body, putting the child at high risk of cancer and other such autoimmune disorders. It is best to discourage people from kissing on or near the baby’s lips because you can never be sure what food the person might have consumed, pieces of which could still be lingering in the mouth.

3.Cold Sores

In a recent post on Facebook, a mom described how her child got infected with HSV-1 on being kissed by an adult with a cold sore. The child was admitted to hospital and was there for many days fighting with the virus spreading across her body. Looking at the extremity of the case, it is highly advisable that an adult or child having a cold sore should steer clear of a newborn.

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