This is why kissing your baby on the lips could be fatal – triggering herpes and meningitis

If the infection spreads to a baby’s internal organs, the infection will claim one in three newborn lives, even if they receive treatment. Dr. Jarvis explained: “The infection can be very serious indeed if it goes deeper into the brain and body.” The condition can also trigger a type of meningitis, which claimed the life of a baby girl, kissed by a friend of her parents who had a cold sore. Nicole and Shane Sifrit opened up about the heartache of losing their daughter Mariana to raise awareness among other parents.

The couple said: “Keep your babies isolated, don’t let just anyone come visit them and make sure they are constantly washing their hands. “Don’t let people kiss your baby, and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby.” Babies are at greater risk of neonatal herpes if their mum has had the STI genital herpes for the first time in the last six weeks of pregnancy, and has a vaginal delivery. The risk is much lower but still exists, if mums have had the STI before getting pregnant. Dr Jarvis, from patient.info, said: “It’s important any mum-to-be who has had herpes in the past make their midwife aware.”

Signs to watch out for in your baby include:

– Floppiness

– A high pitched cry

– Breathing difficulties or grunting

– Tiredness

– A Fever

– Rashes

– A blue tongue or skin

The risks are of kissing infants are serious and kissing your baby on the lips makes things worse. However, this does not mean that kissing your baby is not an option. Keeping the precautions listed above in mind, you are at full liberty to snuggle with your baby to your heart’s content!

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