This is why kissing your baby on the lips could be fatal – triggering herpes and meningitis

The moment you see a little baby wrapped up cozy and cuddly, you are instantly overwhelmed and filled with affection. We cannot help but want to kiss and snuggle with the newborn baby. We all are familiar with the feeling and have been doing so since ages. Although we do it purely out of love, it has been found that we may be unintentionally harming the baby by doing so. It has been found that kissing a baby on the lips or closer to the mouth can result in the spreading of Herpes simplex virus type 1 “HSV”, as it is one of the most common germs found in the mouth of human beings. It is harmless for adults but can lead to cold sores, fever blisters near or inside the mouth or even severe infections like brain, lung and liver disease in newborns.

Just a peck on the lips can trigger nasty infections that can cause seizures, breathing problems, even death. The culprit is the herpes virus, which in adults can cause cold sores and genital ulcers. But, GP Dr. Sarah Jarvis warned The Sun Online: “If a mum has a cold sore and kisses her baby, it’s possible she could pass the virus to her baby.”And theoretically breastfeeding is a risk too.

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