Top 3 dangers of artificial intelligence

Cited Icon “Computerized reasoning”, Andrew ING, stated: “The man-made brainpower is the new power”, and we as a whole were conceived in the time of power, and don’t generally acknowledge how life was before the revelation of power, we may not know about the contention Andrew simply after years.

It is said that the years following the disclosure of power were like current years, as far as man-made reasoning, as the new innovation drifts a ton of questions. For instance, nobody makes reference to what number of flames, wounds and even passings brought about by abuse of power in their initial years,

Presently, the sum total of what this has been overlooked, since man has comprehended the idea of power and has turned out to be capable in all parts of life.

What’s more, presently it raised a ton of questions about the computerized reasoning innovation, so the renowned identities of its worries acknowledging this innovation as a main celebrated business, said Elon Musk The “man-made consciousness presents human presence in danger.” But in the event that we take a gander at man-made consciousness with knowledge, we can tackle innovation for the benefit of people, however we should be mindful in various regions:

Intelligent electronic attacks
Intelligent cyber attacks come at a lower level of military intelligence, but they must not be dangerous, as they can destroy or even disrupt the infrastructure of countries. The danger of smart attacks is the intelligence of the people behind them, as they can program viruses to hide, and thus cause the greatest damage possible.

Misalignment between our goals and the machine’s

Some portion of what people an incentive in AI-controlled machines is their productivity and adequacy. In any case, in the event that we aren’t clear with the objectives we set for AI machines, it could be perilous if a machine isn’t outfitted with similar objectives we have. For instance, an order to “Get me to the air terminal as fast as could reasonably be expected” might have desperate outcomes. Without indicating that the tenets of the street must be regarded on the grounds that we esteem human life, a machine could successfully achieve its objective of getting you to the airplane terminal as fast as could be expected under the circumstances and do truly what you solicited, however desert a trail of mishaps.

Tactical Intelligence
Artificial intelligence now provides the ability to communicate and request a query from a bot software, either by chat or phone, but with the development of artificial intelligence so that news providers can develop voice and image with 100% accuracy, Artificial manipulation of people’s feelings and decisions.

And finally, from the well-known rule: “Man is an enemy who does not know.” So one can say that fear of artificial intelligence is justified, but we must follow this path as we did in other human sciences. Which technology has brought to humanity as we speak now about the importance of electricity and the Internet.

Military intelligence
One of the most dangerous dangers of artificial intelligence, which is currently feared, is that intelligence that is integrated into weapons, for example smart weapons may be wrong in distinguishing between the enemy and the ally. Countries, especially the United States and China, are wary of clever wars. Even earlier this month, China said it feared a clever arms race could lead to an accidental war without any planning.

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