Comprehensive calorie schedule for fitness

Regardless of whether you are endeavoring to get thinner, put on weight or adhere to your present bank, you may will in general search for the proposed calories for every day for sexual orientation, age, and action level.

Each individual has distinctive digestion notwithstanding when it is of indistinguishable size and sexual orientation from the other individual. The proposed calorie ranges are made utilizing an expected vitality prerequisites estimation at the Institute of Medicine.


To lose weight
To lose pounds a week you will need to cut your total calories by 500 a day. Researchers now believe that weight loss is a slow process and that 10 calories a day lose about one pound a year, but it can take up to 3 years. The key is to be patient and work with a dietitian to help find the right plan for you.

To maintain weight

It is important to confine every day calories, contingent upon your age and dimension of action and BMI 21.5 for ladies and 22.5 for men. Eat the three fundamental suppers, however it is essential not to eat excessively greasy and fatty nourishments.

To get thinner

To lose pounds seven days you should cut your all out calories by 500 every day. Scientists currently trust that weight reduction is a moderate procedure and that 10 calories daily lose around one pound a year, yet it can take as long as 3 years. The key is to be patient and work with a dietitian to help locate the correct arrangement for you.

AndSince we know this, we are quick to give you a table of calories in each 100 grams of various sustenances, as indicated by the book “How to Become Slim,” by Khalid Heikal, the chief of the Egyptian Bodybuilding Federation, so you can watch and eat distinctive nourishments.

Knowing the measure of calories in various nourishments and beverages will without a doubt help you sort out your dinners, so you can know how much sustenance you can eat without pondering heftiness and weight gain.

the fruit:


-Figs: 227 calories
-Dates: 227 calories
-Dates: 144 calories
-Nectar: 148 calories
-Avocado: 196 calories
-Mango: 60 calories
-Orange: 28 calories

-Grapefruit: 36 calories

-Guava: 60 calories
-Plum: 32 calories
-Fresh apricots: 32 calories

-Cherry: 40 calories

-Bananas: 96 calories
-Dried apricots: 53 calories
-Apple: 48 calories
-Watermelon: 32 calories
-Melon: 32 calories

-Peach: 34 calories

-Pear: 40 calories
-Pineapple: 40 calories

-Tomato: 56 calories

-Al Yousufi: 44 calories

-Strawberry: 28 calories

-Tut: 24 calories
-Grapes: 70 calories
-Fresh Lemon: 16 calories

Birds and their products:

Eggs: 151 calories
Bathroom without bone: 147 calories
Chicken: 77 calories
Goose: 370 calories
Roman Cock: 309 calories
Ducks: 338 calories
Grilled Chicken: 145 calories


Olive oil: 900 calories
Corn oil: 900 calories
Soybean oil: 900 calories
Sesame oil: 900 calories


Peanuts: 90 calories
Peanuts: 30 calories
Almonds: 643 calories
Walnut: 639 calories
Nuts: 656 calories

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